Super inspiring evening from a diverse group of story-tellers!

Carol Evenchick

Love the concept of 7 minute each. Amazing and inspirational speakers!

Brook Davison

This was our third time at FEAT and we will be back again next year! The show is always entertaining, inspirational and the speakers fascinating. Keep up the good work!

Muff Hackett

I loved the whole evening! It was very inspiring and motivating. Each speaker had a unique perspective, some valuable life-lessons to share and their own special delivery style. Their spectacular photos were the "eye-candy" on the cake!
It was like Ted Talks meets Speed-dating.

Mr. Round

FEAT gave a fun, refreshing, and sometimes challenging, insight into the lives and adventures of some inspiring adventurers. Thank you for bringing this to Canada, and for running it another year!

Dylan Morgan

Great show to get you motivated.

Klaus Tetzlaf

Inspirational evening that will not disappoint

Nicholas Harrison

What an inspirational event! The speakers kept the audience's attention and complete admiration for the challenges that were presented.

Jen Rosychuk

This was the first time that I had even heard of FEAT and had never attended an event before. All the speakers were so inspiring, even challenging me to think about what dream I've been holding back on fulfilling. Now I need to get going and do it!

Rose Bray

Really loved the range of presenters - from Olympic athletes to next-door-neighbour-types, it was so inspirational to know that skill, ability, and experience were not required prerequisites to get out there and adventure; all you need is the determination and desire to do so. Thanks for an awesome event!

Michelle Honsberger

Inspiring.. Motivating made me feel I could accomplish anything..

Neelam Purhar

I really enjoyed the wide range of speakers!

Sue Nicholson

FEAT is quite the feat as it brings us together to share and celebrate the almost impossible in a very human way.

Meridith McLeod

This was a highly entertaining and inspiring event which I certainly intend to attend any time it is on.

Neil Privett

One of the best outdoorsy presentations I've been to - and I've done a few! Centennial is the perfect location to attract the adventure-seeking crowd, and midweek is great to avoid conflicting with peoples' inevitable weekend plans (and gives a nice highlight to look forward to during the mundane work week!). A truly exceptional selection of speakers, a fantastic TED-style format, and cool swag giveaways! Definitely an organization I'll support year on year.

Lindsay Hamoudi

Really enjoyed the evening. It was inspiring and entertaining. Can't wait for next year's!

Mary Foster

Always a surprise to see such great speakers in attendance, folks who are a bit off the radar map!

Steven Threndyle

FEAT Canada was a very tightly organized and incredibly stimulating presentation. It re-enforces the point that there's not a moment to waste in this life of ours!

Gary Jackson

Believe. Challenge. Conquer.

Katie Hawkins

FEAT will inspire you to climb that mountain or kickstart your next adventure.

Hamish Elliott

I liked the format, the variety and the honouring of ordinary people who show us we can follow our dreams with ordinary skills. Inspirational. Susan Oakly's presentation brought empathy and understanding of the lost of a loved one. Thank you for the gift of the evening. This can be understood by all groups and ages.

Anne Kates

It was very inspiring to hear stories of athletes with different abilities, and who are currently dealing with longterm conditions or illnesses.

Morgan Mallet

An amazing evening of thought provoking speakers that motivate, inspire and make you dream about challenging yourself in ways you might not have seen before. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Pamela Pike

A unique and incredibly interesting experience, more so than any marketing focused short film or documentary, FEAT made me want to get out there and do something worthy of talking about for seven minutes. GO!

Austin Jepsen

Amazing and motivating night which made me want to try and be better everyday!

Kelly Ogilvie

Here it is.................
I loved, loved, loved FEAT. The speakers were incredibly inspiring. It was wonderful to hear the personal stories from humble lovely people who choose to do extraordinary things for many different reasons.

Wendy Atkinson

A fantastic evening filled with inspiration and admiration!! This years speakers were fantastic a great mix of male and female, young and young at heart. I left with a renewed enthusiam to attain my goals to get outside and explore the world we live in.

Jean Stannard

To summarize the event, its a night of exciting and motivating talks from Crazy Enthusiasts and Sport Pros about their journey and reasons why they keep on pushing the envelope. If your in need of a pump up before a big event or just a reason to get off the couch and get outside, FEAT is a great place to start. I have attended both FEAT Canada shows and would highly recommend this event.

Scott Morgan

I just wanted to thank you for organizing such a great event - Feat 2012. The speakers were absolutely inspiring and motivating. It was great how they spoke, not just of their feats, but also about how we as people can do more for ourselves and take more chances in life.

It truly moved me, so much so that I am attending bikram yoga as early as 6am on a regular basis so as to improve my health in my busy lifestyle!

Thanks again, I will be attending the next "Feat" events in the future, hopefully as a new, improved and more open minded self!

Kirssy Seymour
Pig on the Street

Thanks Sean and Brett and everyone else who made this possible! I think it was an incredible success and have received a lot of positive feedback about the night in general.

Sebastian Salas

Great job Sean. Fantastic turn-out and I think everyone had a really good time! It was great meeting everyone. Really enjoyed being part of it!

Kevin Vallely

Thanks for organizing a great event Sean - I loved being a part of it. Honored to meet so many amazing people and speakers.

Scott Frandsen

I speak a quite a lot and that event last night was top class. As a speaker I was made feel so welcome and respected and we all even received a hand written card and gift. Nice touch. Genuinely hard to believe that this was its first year in Canada. Hats off to Sean Verret and his team for really great job. So grateful to have played a part of the event. You should be so proud Sean as that was some event never minding the fact it was the first one.

Philip McKernan

Unreal event Sean. I certainly feel inspired. My constant challenge is to hang on to that feeling and use it for my benefit every day. I just wish there was an event like that each week.

Davin McLeod

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for putting on this evening. I know there was probably a lot of behind the scenes organization to make something like this happen and to get the room pretty full with a great audience, and well….. the challenge of getting 9 crazy adventurous people to commit and get everything to you on time that you needed!! Awesome job and it was a great night.

Megan Rose

We really enjoyed ourselves last night. Truly inspiring - and fun.

Peter Wahlen

Well done for organising everything, it was well executed, professional, in a relaxed and fun way. We look forward to the next one.

John Robertson

It WAS an exceptional night and an absolute pleasure to meet those of you I didn't know in advance of the evening. Thanks to Sean for organizing such a great. I was truly flattered to take the stage with athletes, adventurers, and speakers with such incredible resumes.

Mane Rayne

It was a huge and enormous honour to speak at the inaugural FEAT Canada. The event was fantastically organized and the energy of the crowd was amazing. There was a great buzz in the theatre that night and the feedback from everyone I spoke to was brilliant. People really seemed to enjoy the night. This is definitely an event I would attend in the future and indeed look forward to doing so.

Paul Gleeson

I really appreciated the challenge of being a speaker for FEAT. I was honored to be apart of such an interesting group of speakers. Between the diversity of speakers, the cool, format and having the yoga performers - I think the audience had a fantastic time. This is an event, not to be missed!

Jen Olson

FEAT was as spirited and adrenalin-filled as the adventures themselves. A great night shared with great people, both on the stage and in the audience.

Nicki Rehn

The inaugural FEAT evening went off without a hitch and to an almost sold out crowd. It was amazing to feel the energy of both the speakers and the audience as everyone seemed to know they were in for a special night. In the end there were some incredible tales of adventure and life long pursuits, shared with a captive and supportive audience. The event was punctuated with plenty of laughter and capped off with a resounding feeling of success. I was honored to be involved, and am really looking forward to the next iteration in the very near future.

Gary Robbins

It's a great platform for a diverse range of experiences, and a great way to share honest insights and tell stories. I felt privileged to share a story with such a talented and passionate group of adventurers!

JD Hare

It was great fun, and quite a different way of making a presentation than I’ve done in the past. Lots of variety, of subjects and speakers.

Anders Ourom

My heart raced and my imagination soared. Direct from the source, these adventure stories curiously and delightfully expanded my perception what a FEAT is.

Ryan Leech

I brought three young children with me to the February FEAT. The presentations are a *perfect* event for families and kids to attend! The presenters are approachable, the presentations are visual and brief, and the kids haven't stopped talking about "their favorites" in the past two days. They also totally got the point of each presentation: get off the couch, and do something fun with your life, something daring, different, new.

Jason Harrison

Sean, thanks for a great event. The variety of speakers and the range of topics they chose to discuss made the event a winner. It was a lot more than just a bunch of event sideshows. The speakers brought us into their world, shared with us a portion of their drive to succeed and in some cases fear of failure or fear of knowing when to stop. This brought an event about extraordinary and superhuman people down to a very real and potentially fragile ordinary human level. Already looking forward to

Murray Comley
Ecospirit Adventure Club