Nicole Miller is adventurous, life loving, spirited, and determined. She enjoys a multitude of athletic and outdoor pursuits including swimming, soccer, sailing, trail running and exploring the West Coast on her family’s sailboat. One of her very favourite past times is reading and she loves school but this hasn’t always been the case.

After being one of the oldest kids in a split class where learning and achieving high grades came quite easily, Nicole found herself in a straight grade 4 class, no split. Grade 4 not only meant letter grades but larger workload, greater expectations and different teacher support changed.

For the first time Nicole experienced anxiety, sleepless nights and self-doubt. What may have started as innocent teasing by some of the other kids began to sit deeper and deeper inside her and as Nicole’s self-esteem deteriorated so did her interest in the sports and outdoor pursuits that used to make her shine. She often felt alone, not good enough, ugly, frustrated and confused. It was a very tough year.

This all changed for Nicole as she became involved in a program called SoleGirls. Where founder Ashley Wiles and her amazing team of Soleteers taught Nicole to celebrate her uniqueness, the importance of physical activity and mental health and how to have healthy relationships and friendships. Nicole can’t wait to share her journey of rediscovering herself with you.

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