Linnea Uunila has been nicknamed “Squamish’s Ironkid” by the local newspaper because of her many competitive achievements since the age of 7.

Linnea’s talk reflects on one of her passions, open water swimming and talk about an experience from 2014 where she was the quickest girl under 14 to escape from Alcatraz in chilly San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz is the former maximum security prison that put fear in the hearts of America’s worst criminals. In 29 years, a total of 36 prisoners attempted escape but only one is known to have slipped past security and survive the chilly water and strong currents of the bay.

Today, over a million people take a return ferry ride to visit and tour Alcatraz every year. By contrast, every year several hundred brave souls opt for a one-way ferry ride to the island, not as the prisoners, but as swimming or triathlon competitors…

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