Jesse is a 18 year old nail technician, actress, motivational speaker and, of course, outdoor enthusiast.  Her passions lie on marathon courses and within the mountains.  While loving music and the arts, being in the wilderness is where she feels most at home.  Being born and raised in Vancouver, the opportunity of going paddle boarding and skiing all in the same day were ever present.  Although the opportunities were there, she needed them to be shoved in her face to take advantage of them and only after did she realize how drastically she needed physical activity in her life.

Let’s set the stage… It was a cold November morning, there was anxiety in her bones and excitement in her eyes as she ran from the hotel to that start line.  Tears, sweat and vomit were shed throughout that 21 kilometer race as she eventually reached the finish line.  Her first half marathon and her first real accomplishment, the end of a race and the beginning of a series of challenges that would go on to change her life.

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