Kye has been sailing since he was nine years old.  His love of sailing started out at the Bowen Island Yacht Club taking dinghy sailing classes and camps every summer.  When he turned 14 he joined the North Shore Sailing Team to train specifically for laser radial racing, but also had the opportunity to try a 29er sailboat.  This was different from any other boat he had sailed.  Kye moved to Victoria in 2013 where he joined the Royal Victoria Yacht Club racing team.  This club had award-winning coaches and would bring his sailing to the next level.


Kye - Jensen

Although Kye is involved in many sports including climbing, downhill biking, snowboarding, cross country running, ultimate, mountaineering, swimming and athletic conditioning, sailing captures his interest on not only a physical level but a mental level as well.  “It is easy to sail, anyone can do it, to sail well is hard but to win is even harder”.  Sailing the 29er, a high-performance two man single trapeze skiff, requires incredible focus, athleticism, technical knowledge and need to be both proactive and reactive which all comes together producing a high speed exhilarating experience.

Can’t wait to hear from this inspiring young man at our show in April!

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