“Never giving up” a moto Julia Massullo knows all to well!  She knows what it takes to train hard and never lose focus in order to achieve her goals in competitive rock climbing.  At only 16, Julia has become a competitive rock climber and a member of the Canadian Youth National Climbing Team.

Julia has been to five international climbing events over the last three years.  Her first international event was the World Youth Climbing Championships in Saanich, BC in 2013.  Next was a fifteen hour plane ride to New Caledonia (a small island off the coast of Australia) in 2014 for the World Youth Climbing Championships.  Julia ended 2014 with a trip down to Mexico City for the Pan-American Climbing Championships.  In 2015, Julia competed in her first ever IFSC Open World Cup in Stavanger, Norway, where Julia was the youngest competitor at the event!  She concluded her year attending the World Youth Climbing Championships in Arco, Italy.


Julia - Massullo

As a competitive athlete, Julia has learned to stay focused on what she believes in and to never give up on her dreams. Competing on an international level has encouraged Julia to train harder so she can achieve her goals.  Julia is currently training hard at ClimbBase5 in Coquitlam as she finds the determination to achieve her goal of qualifying for the Canadian National Team and attending the next World Youth Climbing Championships in Guangzhou, China this November.

We can’t wait to hear from Julia at our upcoming show!!!

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