13 year old Maïa Schwinghammer is a competitive freestyle skier. Simple right? No. It hasn’t always been easy for her. Coming from Saskatchewan (the prairies) there wasn’t a lot of opportunities for this athlete. But that didn’t seem to stop her! It may surprise you to know that she is competing in the 2015 Canada Winter Games! How did she do it? Her journey to becoming a successful freestyle skier has had many ups and downs but with her teammates and coaches pushing her there is nothing that can stop this aspiring athlete.

Living a double life, Saskatoon in the summer, Whistler in the winter seems cool but is not always as fun as it sounds. Being homeschooled in the winter in addition to competing, adds plenty of stress. But dealing with stress is one of Maïa’s strengths. With her girl crew at her side, Maïa has a bright future maybe she’ll even achieve her dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete.

Already this year she has skied in 6 different ski areas all over Canada and the USA. She has also been coached by the Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta teams. As well as the US and the Canadian freestyle ski teams!

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