A previous speaker on the FEAT, Kate Rowan will be making a second appearance on stage as this year’s FEAT Kids MC! Residing in West Vancouver, Kate has always had a strong fascination for war and how countries and citizens regain peace that was once lost.

Living in Belgium in 2003 and being exposed to war relics such as Flanders Fields and the D-Day beaches, enhance Kate’s interest in war history. After a month in Vietnam and Cambodia in 2010, her interests broadened and she found interest in genocide. With her newfound passion, Kate spent 6 months researching conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Rwandan Genocide.


Her passion and determination proved worthwhile with Kate obtaining permission from the UN and government to visit and interview refugees who have survived Rwanda’s UNHCR camps. All of Kate’s journeys and opportunities have encouraged Kate to find ways to make a positive impact on the lives of those displaced and affected by war in the DRC and to discover the way that people can regain peace.

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