Priya Puri is known for broadening her mind and for her willingness to explore. Priya is someone who appreciates diversity, enjoys volunteering and dreams of travelling the world. In her Grade 11 year at Riverside Secondary, Priya was faced with an opportunity to participate in a “Voluntour” trip to Ecuador. This journey, Priya did not refuse.


Priya has always been open to trying new activities; she has done several sports and loves being outdoors. The lessons she has learned about commitment, hard work and passion through her athleticts have helped her thrive to become a leader and get the most out of her trip to Ecuador. The 10 days she spent being a part of Ecuadorian communities changed her perspective in ways she could have never imagined and she gives credit to that adventure for being the person she is today. Learning by exploring is something Priya clearly excels at.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” is a quote that has always inspired Priya Puri to open her mind and try new things in her life. Based on Priya’s record, she’s already done leaps and bounds!

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