FEAT is proud to present a very wise Kennedy Kopke. Raised in West Vancouver, Kennedy is a grade 3 student at Mulgrave School and the the youngest speaker to step on the FEAT stage. Just don’t let her age fool you. Kennedy has the discipline, strength, and focus that have helped her reach her highest potential and that will continue to help her strive as she moves forward.


Kennedy is the kind of girl that loves trying new activities and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Whether it’s her seven triathlons under her belt, her blue belt in karate, skiing the local mountains, or her 5 km road races, Kennedy goes all in. Working hard and keeping her eyes on her goal have led Kennedy to great adventures and important teachings.

Kennedy is introspective about taking on challenges and talks about the nagging little voices in her head. Some are constructive and tell her to go harder. Others are negative and tell her to quit. In her athletic or public speaking competitions, she is learning to overcome the discouraging voices to earn her podium finishes. Maybe Kennedy will reveal on March 4th some of her discoveries that will help others to stay positive when challenges lie ahead!

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