Maïa Schwinghammer is Canada’s future freestyle champion. Maïa has styled her way to the top and is sweeping podiums with a 1st place finish at BC Freestyle Championships- Super Youth in Moguls and Big Air and by 1st place at BC Freestyle- Super youth tour in Slope style. Her determination, strength, and focus with the Saskatchewan Freestyle Ski Team and Whistler-Blackcomb Freestyle Ski Club have payed off with Maïa going to the 2015 Canada Winter Games in February. At 13 years of age, she was too young to compete but with her talent, the CFSA (Canadian Freestyle Ski Association) gave her an age exemption. This girl is one to watch at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Korea!


Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Maïa lives a double life by splitting her time between the Saskatoon prairies and the Whistler snow and mountains. This type of lifestyle also has Maïa finding the right balance between the life on the hills as a freestyle skier and life as a 13 year old. She is often on the road living from her suitcases, saying good bye to friends, and keeping up with school on her own during the winter months. While there are many sacrifices that Maïa needs to make, none of them will get in the way of her dream as a Freestyle athlete on the Canadian National Freestyle Ski Team. 

Maïa is determined, strong, and well disciplined. She knows that in order to achieve her dreams she has to be dedicated to the sport, work hard during every training and practice, push herself further and further, be brave with every jump, and stay focused on the goal. “Believing in yourself and knowing that you CAN do it is one of the hardest parts of this sport… When I’m at the top of the course I’m so nervous and scared but when the starter says 3-2-1 you can’t help but smile, no matter how nervous you are. You just have to remember why you are doing it – because you love it. There is no other reason why I do it. I mean, think about it going 10 metres every second down a mogul field then jumping into the air thinking to yourself  ‘land it, please land it!’. I’m pretty sure the only reason why someone would want to do that is because they love it!” We’re pretty sure that everyone is going to love what Maïa has to say at FEAT Kids!

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