Andrew Warner is a 17 year old actor, writer and spoken word performer with an innate passion for activism. This year he was named the provincial champion of high school poets in April and competed with the Vancouver Team to win nationals in August.

In 2013 he worked as a student reporter for the CBC developing his journalistic abilities. In that same year he travelled to Haiti with his mother and Rose Charities to document the post-earthquake health care needs. In the following months he became a youth ambassador for World Vision and became a leader in the discussion on ethical chocolate. Talk about a sweet passion!

Andrew Warner

His endeavours in performance have always been fuelled by a love of story-telling, but his writing and his humanitarian efforts have been inspired by the drive to create positive social change. With people like Andrew, we feel safer about the future of our planet and all its residents! We can’t wait to see what animated stories and inspirations Andrew has in store for us on March 4, 2015!
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