In early August Oliver Bibby, 19,  made a sudden decision to try and break the record for most ascents of the Grouse Grind in a calendar day. Despite all his preparations and previous experience with the trail, nothing could have prepared him for the mental battle that heightened with every step. It left him more physically tired than ever before, but hardest of all it proved to be the biggest mental challenge of Oliver’s life thus far. Despite how difficult it was, he realized that day and in the ensuing days that was the state in which Bibby is most happy. When something pushes him so far over the edge and requires every ounce of effort he possesses, it puts an unwavering smile on his face.  “The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel.” A reckless idea maybe, but a valuable one that everyone should live by.

Oliver Bibby Mugshot

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