Born and raised in the Northwest Territories, outdoor adventure was way of life for Jill Gilday. Throughout her youth, Jill spent time on the land with her family – camping, fishing, hiking and canoeing and kept busy playing every sport she could. After graduating from high school, Jill moved to Calgary to pursue short track speed skating in the hopes of making the Canadian National Team. Training full time was incredibly challenging, but nothing prepared Jill for the challenge she would face when she applied to be an impossible2Possible Youth Ambassador for the expedition Running Tunisia in 2010. For 8 days, Jill and three team mates ran nearly a marathon a day across the Sahara Desert in Tunisia, educating thousands of students from across North America about the world water situation. The experience was nothing short of life changing, and taught Jill that the impossible really is Possible.

Jill Gillday Mugshot

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